How many clocks do you have around you? Go on count them. One on the wall, one on your wrist, one outside on the building in the town square, one on your phone, one on the computer and so it goes on. What time does your class start? What time do you clock off work? What time do you need to meet your friend? What time were you born? When are you going to move to take your holidays? What time do you need to pick yp your children?… And so, the time questions keep going. We are so fixated with time and time keeping. It’s everywhere. Yet time really isn’t anything at all, just a concept that keeps us moving forward. We have to give it a name, so back in ancient Germanic times, the only thing they knew for sure would come and go was the tide. So they began by calling it ‘tide’, then over time it emerged more as‘ time‘, and for people that seemed to be a good enough word. Once we know the time, we feel satisfied, but satisfied with what? Satisfied we have ‘enough time’, or satisfied that now we ‘know the time’ so we are able to manage ourselves within it, or even satisfied that we have more time than we thought. All of these are decent enough reasons to want to know what time is. But time is really an illusion. Some people seem to constantly have no time and can’t seem to get anything done, and then there are others who achieve incredible things stating that they have all the time in the world! Yet both of these people had the same 24 hours in that day. The clock on the wall in front of you will tell you that. So, when someone says – ‘I just don’t know how you could get this done in this time’, is obviously making a statement about themselves, not about time. It means they can’t complete something due to their own inabilities. Whereas someone else can look at the same thing as say, ‘Yup, consider it done!’ How we operate in time in fact seems to be based on these key points: To forget about time is of course a very dangerous thing if things need to be done, but on the other hand, forgetting about time can be one of the greatest skills you have. At the same time, people who fixate on time could be underselling the potential of themselves, and yet people who don’t think about time could be losing endless opportunities due to lack of focus. My suggestion? Always know that time in fact is what you make it. Leverage it, keep track of it and use it wisely, but never become a slave to it. Time can tie you up in knots, but time can also be on your side. Just take a moment today to think about your perception of time. Are you making the most of it? Oh, and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!


There are only two things in life that are guaranteed – death and taxes….Thank you Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the United States! What a morbid approach to life. But is it?  Perhaps what he was saying was that the real answer to life is that you can do anything you want, and anything at all can happen to you, and your life will definitely be different to others, except in those two domains…we are all going to die sometime, that’s a fact…and if you are living in the developed world with governments breathing down your necks….taxes have to be paid. Other than that, you are literally an open book! So, let’s get started! Life is hard. The older you get the more the burden of problems can rise up in your world to an almost suffocating extend. This may not necessarily be personal problems, (but they can still hang around if you don’t do something about them early on, so good to try to get help with them early on). These are more about the path you have trodden and the different outcomes of the different journeys. Let’s say you married the wrong person, or had a child who has become nothing but a problem, or you have great children, but they have married the wrong person, or have a string of their own problems. Perhaps you have fallen ill in life with a massive health scare that took you totally unawares, or perhaps a freak accident took your limbs away. The potential situations never end. But….that’s life. No one ever gets to the end of their life unscathed, now that’s a fact. This can all make us feel life is pointless, right? Not necessarily. Problems are just an asset, waiting to be tapped. Following covid, after our business completely collapsed, I spent two years trying to piece the whole thing back together. It seemed like mountain, after mountain after mountain of issues to be resolved. For every hill I climbed, when I reached the top, I discovered on the other side yet another mountain I had to climb, and when I reached that one yet another to climb. At one point I was so exhausted I just didn’t think I could carry on, I never knew that there were so many issues to deal with. I shared this with a friend, claiming I was so exhausted from all the climbing that I didn’t know what this was making me good at. She replied very aptly, ‘you’re just going to be a great mountaineer!”.  She was right. In business, it turned out that great mountaineers become great business people, because when you are down and out and have your back up against the wall and feel you can’t go on, you find another source of energy in you, simply because you have to….then eventually you become all the things you dreamed of before, to be resilient, persistent and most of all (and most unexpectedly), ruthless. Nobody wants to be a horrible person to others just for the sake of it, nobody wants to be a thief or a murderer just for the fun of it. But everyone wants to have that balance of being a survivor and yet being a lover. The key to a successful life is to survive the traumas, move forward and build a bigger better future for yourself. It doesn’t matter what you have ahead of you, if you have survived up to now, you will have a good chance of getting even more in the future. Never stop climbing mountains, and if you have no mountains, just keep going to the gym of life and working out…it will all add up to something good. Surviving life and getting away with it is all about making your life into something you are proud of, be it that you do have a few years lost in the jungle in the process. Don’t worry, you will get out, and that lovely meadow with the green grass and sunshine will be there for you once you are done. Oh and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!


Where I come from, and the generation that I was born into, there were very clear guidelines as to what you needed to do in life to be a fully functioning citizen. This is what it was: That pretty much covered it, and about 80% of my generation did do exactly as was expected. Maybe in slightly different orders but ultimately No. 7 was the goal. Start having children, and if it is ranked at No. 7, you won’t feel restless. There was a very good reason for these 7 steps. Generally, they happened in the 20s to early 30s, and certainly by early 30s babies were on the way. The main reason for these 7 benchmarks was because this is how you continue to build your life as a contributing citizen to society, basically ultimately having 2.3 children, just to keep the population going. It was healthy, made good financial sense, and ultimately was defined as the route of all happiness. Well, though most people did do this, a handful of others just couldn’t. They may have got to No. 1, skipped No. 2, jumped to No. 3 and just never came home…. Well that was me anyway….though I did end up doing No. 2 much later….everything in a different order. Nowadays people seem to get to No. 1, and somehow can’t seem to start into any of the others, except perhaps No. 6….just because they have to have something to do. So why is it that today more and more people are not following the ‘correct’ route? Are just not doing what is expected of them? There are many schools of thought, but one of the main answers is, simply because they can! Women don’t need to be married to be a valued member of society, plus women can get educated and have their own financial freedom without relying on a man’s income. Men don’t have to commit to anyone as dating is now so accessible and fun online, no need to ever get serious, and men can know that their income can be used for whatever they want, not squandered on a needy woman who may only be after their money. But ultimately, more than anything else, in the past if you weren’t married by 30, society thought there must be something wrong with you, but now it’s very sociably acceptable to simply do whatever you like. Our paths today are more empty of expectations, and more full of bigger dreams and motivations. This can mean that people can truly pursue their ultimate nature, and if you are someone who wants to change the world, now you can…you have no constraints anymore. You can make a difference! Back in the day, the only way most people made a difference was by having a child. Today it’s more about doing something bigger. But isn’t having a child a big thing too? Some (particularly women) may well see being a mother as more of a thankless task, whereas if they get educated as a Surgeon, they can do that voluntary work in Africa and help save millions from malaria! I think the data needs to be reviewed however. As how many young people today really are changing the world? As opposed to how many are actually sitting at home playing games on their phone while they are waiting for their tinder date to reply to their message? I definitely grew up in a world of expectations. I didn’t follow them, not because I wanted to be different, but because I was different. Who I was, I wasn’t sure, I just knew I wasn’t ‘that’, and whatever I was, had a very strong drive that I couldn’t stop.  At that time, it was painful to see others doing things that seemed to make perfect sense, but didn’t make any sense to me. Thankfully I grew into myself and found a path that was purely mine, and the best thing about it was that I found a number of others also, just like me, moving through life beating to a different drum. Together we collectively built our own worlds…different from the mainstream and enriched with the worlds we were exploring. The others back home did just as they were told and what was the funniest thing of all was that, even though they did all that was expected of them, those ‘things’ that were so socially acceptable never shielded them from the slings and arrows of life and it’s problems. Perhaps today young people say that they don’t follow the expectations of their parents, not because they are different, but because they can now see with their own eyes that doing what you want and doing what you are told offers no different final outcomes. So, may as well be yourself. (However… let’s not let the population decline! – but that’s another post another day!) Oh and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!


A few years back I used to say to my friends who were single, that there was no point in thinking about ‘settling down’ if you were single. I saw it again and again, single people buying homes, developing a life in their dream location, that would be supposedly somewhere they could stay forever.  But though they were living their life in a way to make them feel settled, at the end of the day, unless they had someone to settle with, it all eventually would go pear-shaped and they’d have to move on. What essentially happened to me was that I ended up meeting someone who also had no desire to settle down. He didn’t know it very well until he met me. One would think it would be the absolute opposite. If you meet someone who is your soul mate, that means you would naturally want to settle down, but it was more about settling down with that person rather than a place. We were two souls who were definitely united, but constantly moving. The dynamic of the soul mate should not be about just uniting as one and standing still, in fact what I discovered was that if the two of you were truly meant to be, there should be something inside your world that just would not be still. Something that was constantly active, call it a flicker of excitement or a small element of uncertainty, it just has to be there because it makes the two of you constantly be at work with it, and at the same time at peace with it. To be in a state of ‘settling down’ for many is still about finding like-minded people who you have a chemistry with, plus also wanting to stay in the same place as you too. That’s understandable. But there are a whole new batch of couples emerging who don’t need a location, they just need to be with each other. The world is their location. This wonderful essence of the predictable unpredictable is nowadays something that is rarely discussed, yet it is that glue that not only binds you together, but always offers that element of excitement, mystery and unknown that keeps the flicker of light alive in any relationship. These days a lot of young people just aren’t buying houses, getting drivers licenses or even getting married/having children like they used to. But they are still falling for each other and having long term love affairs that take them on a whole new journey. Is this the new modern day ‘settling down’? The essence of ‘settling down’ in the past was always about no more looking for a partner, you have one now, no more traveling the world, you now are looking to make a nest, build a home, and no more thinking only of yourself, but building a family to carry on the blood. But if there are no homes being bought and children being born, this then begs the question, what is the modern-day ‘settling-down’ really all about? Take a moment today to think about what your sense of ‘settling down’ is? Where do you fall? And what kind of impact long term will this shift of ‘settling down’ behaviour have on our future world. Oh and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!


Sorry guys, yes.   But let me clarify a few things. Firstly, men need to understand that most women are not gold-diggers, they will not be with you for your money only. Still most women look for a man who will show the respect, humour, understanding, a matching value system and listening abilities. All these will contribute to building a solid foundation for a loving relationship should there also be a biological chemistry there too. However, though women have come a long way over the last 100 years, some things haven’t changed, women are still looking for men to ultimately be the protector and provider in the relationship and family, and in this day and age more than ever before, being a financial provider is an extremely important component of that. This doesn’t mean to say that women are after a man who has already got a stack load of cash and assets sitting in the bank, (though of course that is always a plus!). Women are looking for the earning potential in a partner. She will look at what his work is, and how she and the man can work together to help him maximise his potential. Should a man have an amazing foundation for earning potential, the woman the man is looking for, will already be half way there knowing this. There is a famous scene in Pride and Prejudice where Elizabeth the protagonist who is intelligent and well read, not to mention extremely picky about her prospects, meets Mr Darcy at a party. Her initial reaction to him is one of repulsion though he is a kind man he is socially awkward and apparently uncaring, until one day by sheer accident she sees him riding on a huge neighbouring estate. She stops and looks at him in disgust as to why someone like him is riding a horse in such a prestigious piece of property, and that the owner must be informed immediately that there is a trespasser on his land. She politely and eloquently asks him why he is riding on this land and asks him where his actually lives. Darcy turns and points to the 100-room mansion ahead of them, and says I live there, this is my land. Suddenly Elizabeth has a major turnaround. Darcy who was once the unpleasant annoyance of the party a few weeks before, has now become in her eyes, an extremely potential suitor. Call it old-fashioned, but sorry, some things just don’t die, and this is one of them. If there are men out there who are concerned that they can’t find a date, or suitable partner, try having a look at your earning potential and do an evaluation. Are you really someone who can be a provider for the woman you love and the family you will be creating together? This is not to say that the woman should not be a provider also, as of course in this day and age the woman can make good money all by herself, to the point where she may not even need a man for this. But men must remember, she will still be looking at this too. Therefore, if you would like a good woman with a good salary too, you will still need to provide that matching salary or better still, a notch above what she makes to make any headway into getting anywhere with that woman. The problem today with men and women finding a binding long-term relationship that can turn into a marriage or partnership is I think directly related to how men feel about themselves in the partnership. Men only 70 years ago were always making more money than women, and women were almost always less educated than the man and had low earning potential. Things have changed in this area and for good reason of course. But what this has done is made men feel less valuable in a relationship. The most important thing about a man in any romantic relationship is he must feel appreciated and valued. It’s difficult nowadays for a man to feel this when a lot of woman can do it all by themselves. So, what to do? Firstly, women will never change their biological drive to find a man who will be a provider, that is not a social construct it is a physiological need, as women may well need to deliver and care for children at some time in her life with the male partner, and she needs to feel secure that there won’t be any financial issues along the way. So men need to stop thinking this will change. Secondly, men need to understand that their earning power is of more value than ever now. Just because women can now earn a lot of money, men should never feel they have no need to worry about that kind of thing now. Yes, they do, it is an important part of their psyche as a man. Thirdly, women want to be with a ‘man’. No matter how much money she makes, she still wants the whole package of what a man brings. At the same time, I’m sure you can quote me many relationships where the woman earns more than the man and both are perfectly happy with that, and of course that is fine, but in fact statistics show that this is not usually the case, and women are more often than not, settling to be alone rather than going for someone who may be a burden on their financial situation. Right now, the data shows that 80% of women are going for the top 20% of men. And the common factor in those top 20% of men is their earning power. This means of course, that most women will not succeed in getting the man they want. What this means for men is that 80% of men are all fighting for the bottom 20% of women. So, no matter how hard that man tries, he is fighting against


Sadly ladies, this is true. However, that is not necessarily all men, and thankfully there are a growing number of men who love to meet intelligent interesting women that they are attracted to and have a desire to partner up with. However, unfortunately this is not the majority at this point. This puts both men and women in a difficult situation. If fundamentally we are supposed to match up with each other, as women become increasingly educated, both men and women’s chances of finding a suitable partner start diminishing rapidly. But why is this. The data shows that still to this day a man is primarily driven by sexual attraction to find a partner, and his ability to be a provider for that person and the family. This is literally hard-wired in him and will not change. For obvious reasons, no man can get an erection if he isn’t physically attracted to the woman he is with and as a result, he will not be able to procreate, and carry on the human species. Plus if he is the primary breadwinner in the family, that gives him more status and acceptability in his mind. It makes absolute sense. Women on the other hand are in a tough spot. She is competing with all the women out there who are slimmer, more beautiful, sexier and less educated than them. This puts additional pressure on her to constantly be dieting, going to the gym, getting liposuction or face lifts and so on. Who would have thought that all the money her parents spent on getting her college education should have been put into full time nutritionists, personal trainers and cosmetic surgery! The dilemma here is of course, we know that men shouldn’t just focus on the body of the woman, she has a mind too and the truly successful relationships that last 50+ years show this to be true. At the same time the women shouldn’t just focus on the men being a bottomless bank account, and start realising all the other values a man has are important too, e.g. value system, kindness, understanding, companionship and of course sexual chemistry too. But the world is changing. Women are looking for a meeting of minds or more, in a man, and men are ‘supposed to be’ looking for equality in their relationship on all fronts.  But are they? Research is showing unfortunately modern masculinity has taken a big hit in the last decade, and men are more often than not suffering from depression, anxiety, low self esteem, and many more mental disorders, all being a product of living in this stressful world today. To take another blow, men are also suffering from not being able to find a partner, which has got to be the ultimate ‘below the belt’ hit! This, at the same time, contributes to increasing levels of depression, anxiety, low self esteem and loneliness. Men, to put it lightly, are actually today in a very bad way, and no one seems to know what to do about it. Yes, fortunately these days, there are plenty of counsellors, therapists and men’s groups. These are important and integral to the management of the modern man’s dilemma. But these do tend to be more of a ‘female’ approach to handling situations…talking about your feelings, learning how to share and help with other men’s emotional problems. I’m not knocking this, but it does beg the question, what happened to the man of yesterday who was strong, powerful, who could handle his feelings, never cry or doubt, who could leap a building in a single bound, and sort out all situations effortlessly?  The quiet silent type who got things done!  This may well be a fantasy but it gave a masculine-ideal men could latch onto so they had a direction. So what is the masculine ideal today? Should men still focus on getting the pretty girl down the street? Or has this all got way too hard for him now? So, what is he striving for now?  My feeling is that men today are often lost. They are not in a bad enough way to seek counselling, nor are they in a good enough way for it not to worry them. As this ‘lack of finding a suitable partner’ epidemic continues to grow amongst men, women are becoming increasingly educated, deciding to manage their own finances and handle all things by themselves, as they too can’t find a partner. This only escalates the problem for men as well. Research also cites that men do actually prefer blondes as they appear more youthful and fertile. Whether of course that is true or not is another question. But men do tend to feel that. This ultimately shows that men are looking for someone who will be physically capable of delivering children as well as being eternally looking less worldly than them. A basic premise that helps men feel stronger and more in control both physically and financially. These are very important parts of the ‘old world’ masculinity. I think somehow there needs to be a new direction for male masculinity, so that they are still fulfilling their biological desires and yet moving with the times to get a better chance of getting a modern day mate. The population of the world is in a state of decline in the developed world. What is going to happen in 50-100 years is anyone’s guess. Would love to know your opinion on this too. Please comment below and let’s start a discussion. Oh, and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!


Funnily enough, extensive research has shown that the act of doing something has everything to do with actually doing something. Go figure. One of the biggest issues in our drive to success is that we are often motivated by the ‘talk’ of doing something. There’s nothing wrong with that, but evidence has shown also that the talk is only valid when it’s followed by the walk. How many people do you hear who love discussing their dreams and what they are going to do next, and what they are anticipating will happen to them from there, but they are waiting for that…opportunity to come along, or just got to get that ‘other’ thing done first, or get that investor to partner with to open that business. Sometimes it makes perfect sense. E.g. would love to have some children, but you need to get the girl first. Fair enough. But, in fact goals are only a signpost to a direction. Every step you take to move in that direction, is considered a step towards reaching not just your goal, but all potential directions that can come out of that goal. To be able to understand the signpost, even if you have a telescopic lens in your binoculars, means you will need to walk up to at least a reasonable distance from it, to see if it says exactly what you have been working on all this time. Therefore, some action is needed. Once you have got there, of course the next thing to cross your mind is ‘Oh okay, I’ve reached that goal now what?’ And of course, to reach your goal, let’s say it was to get a Masters Degree in Law, is of course to ask yourself ‘so what am I going to ‘do’ with this degree now? Unless you are a chronic academic who only loves words and ideas (which in itself is still something), your biological drive will tell you that you will have to do something with this degree you have just achieved, and that this action you take will be that thing that will make that degree actually worth something… to speak. Real goals breed action. They drive you to want to get to the destination, because after you arrive at the destination, there is so much more fun to be had after that building new goals. Oh and what can also happen, is that as you get closer to your goal, you may realise that isn’t actually what you really wanted in the first place, your process of moving towards your goal has shown you even more exciting directions you could be taking. But everything comes down to the act of doing. Everyone loves being around someone who gets things done. Be one of those people, and you’ll be surprised just how far you get….Go figure. Oh and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!


Learning and education is so broad, we can inject it into almost every single part of our life and call it experience based learning, however over the years there have definitely been trends. Today clearly it is about learning through technology and preparing our future selves for the internet of everything that is just at our doorstep. Yes, this is also a trend.  What’s in the far future is still something we have to ‘wait and see’…but hopefully with great anticipation rather than fear. But there is also one trend that never changes. The trend could commonly be identified as simply ‘us’. We as humans (though sociologically we may have changed), in most other areas of the self, the change has been considerably slower. The Us of us is pure, irrational, perplexing and unfathomable. The culmination of billions of ‘Me’s’ is within itself seemingly infinite in its originalities, not to mention the exponential growth created by the creative powers of each of those ‘Me’s. For the do-ers of this world, life has always been about acquiring knowledge and skills that will facilitate the flourishing life of the individual. That also hasn’t changed. The building of a building is still the building of a building, the who, what, when, where and why are still the same, the only thing that has changed is the ‘how’. Depending on what part of the world you have been raised in will determine the focus you were raised with. I was raised on a more sociological/existential approach to understanding. Meaning, lateral creative thinking was nourished and set against a backdrop of learning and caring about others and how they got to where they were.   If you were raised in a more developing background, it would have been more about the construction of things rather than the construction of ideas (though of course there are plenty of ideas there too). Meaning the emphasis on those around you was more about the development of work and life’s basics, e.g. healthcare and finances. Technology has changed a lot of these focuses and as we become increasingly global, more people nowadays care about others universally as one human race. However, at the same time the technological development in all of our lives means a dual focus also on the changing face of our practical daily lives too. It appears that we are all now slowly being meshed together into one giant mass and as a result our personal lives should be also reflecting that. For some societies things are changing fast in our perception of the world and our access to it, and in others the rate is considerably slower. The reason now is not so much about development or knowledge, it’s more about ‘us’. If we were all perfect beings in a perfect world with no conflict and unavailable internet access was the only issue, we may well be considerably further ahead than we are today. But the past can never be removed from the present and we will always have to confront it. The past was about Us, and the present therefore will still always be about Us, and I dare say the future also is all wrapped up in Us. So, the central aspect of any life choice should still be focussing on Us. We all generally foresee the future as positive (though I can hear a resounding NO from certain social and ecological quarters), but I’d like to say that in fact though we thought we were studying a certain topic, we have to redirect the emphasis to be on how we are ‘engaging with it’. This in turn will transform the negatives to a more positive framework (though I know I stand corrected that there will always be pessimists out there!). For those who are frightened that something may happen to the world that will destroy electricity, technology and advancement, my answer is to understand that at the end of the day there is still only us, and to start refocussing on the ‘power of us’, and you may be able to get a better nights sleep. Oh, and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!


Ever wondered how people got through things, often unbelievable things that would defeat anyone? How did they achieve that? Only one answer – because it didn’t kill them. They had to survive, they had to push forward, like it’s the most important element of living. Our soft lives were tested during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but some more than others. Some nearly did die of that illness, others lost their life savings, others lost their mind, their sanity, their self composure, just sitting inside those four walls, watching a screen. Whatever it was, defeat was always on the horizon. Our dark periods are like those wild storms filled with goblins and wizards, witches and mad Kings, constantly paralysing us with those terrifying unearthly movements in the trees and unnatural sounds from other peculiar places. These are the ammunition of our death rider Defeat. Yet we have another spark inside us that moves us on, so we can push ourselves to ignore the rider as he passes, as he tries to manipulate us, as he does all that he can to suggest to us that we are no longer allowed, anything…particularly movement to the possible. But as with any dark forest there will be a clearing. And in the clearing will be light. It might be the light of day, or the light of thought. This is where we get the energy to enter that dark forest again, to continue to the other side, to get out of the forest and move forward to the place that will be our future home. And we will get there. That’s how people get to the other side. This is how people survive. Defeat is only an illusion sent to scare us. We must survive, it is just because it is simply what we do. Because this problem you are having right now, will pass too, just like all the others you’ve had in your life. So keep going and don’t believe the dark rider in the storm. No one knows the future. Oh, and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!


The latest talk in the town is the decreasing birthrate of those in the developed world. Even Elon Musk stated that everyone might be concerning about climate change, but the population decline he predicts is the biggest elephant in the room that will definitely wipe out humanity. Back in the day every woman was expected to produce at least 2 children to maintain the population, but 2.3 was even better as this meant an increase in population, an increase in the future workforce and ultimately an increase in a country’s prospects economically and sociologically. But now most countries in the developed world are less than 2.0, and some even as low as 0.53 (South Korea and Japan). So, what’s going wrong? Basically, men and women are no longer dating like they used to and marrying like they used to and ultimately propagating like they used to. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to, it’s more that they feel it’s just too complicated, and they can’t get the exact person they want. Well, what about all those dating apps?  Surely, they can give a much larger opportunity to men and women to meet their dream person. That was the plan in the first place, right? Well, apparently not. It turns out that men are 13 times more likely to be rejected on a dating app than if they met the person in a natural setting. Also, most dating apps consist of 80% of men and 20% of women. Men are now just giving up, and so are women, who want to date equal or above in their social standing (and now that women are far more educated than before, this becomes increasingly difficult). 85% of people want to meet someone, but just can’t seem to find them. Though technology was supposed to speed up the process of meeting someone, it seems to have done the complete opposite and destroyed anyone’s chances of anything long term. The reality is that if you wanted to meet someone at a party or a natural setting, no one has the skills anymore to chat with the person in a flirtatious and human way, without the texting, the emojis, etc. Time for everyone to get back to the drawing board, throw out the dating apps, and start going to parties again and learning how to genuinely meet people in real life. Let’s get men and women together again, the old-fashioned way! You know you want to! Oh, and if you liked this article, don’t forget to like and subscribe, it means you can get some more like this and more people will be able to enjoy it too! Thanks for reading!