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July 4, 2023

There are only two things in life that are guaranteed – death and taxes….Thank you Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of the United States!

What a morbid approach to life. But is it?  Perhaps what he was saying was that the real answer to life is that you can do anything you want, and anything at all can happen to you, and your life will definitely be different to others, except in those two domains…we are all going to die sometime, that’s a fact…and if you are living in the developed world with governments breathing down your necks….taxes have to be paid.

Other than that, you are literally an open book!

So, let’s get started!

Life is hard. The older you get the more the burden of problems can rise up in your world to an almost suffocating extend. This may not necessarily be personal problems, (but they can still hang around if you don’t do something about them early on, so good to try to get help with them early on). These are more about the path you have trodden and the different outcomes of the different journeys.

Let’s say you married the wrong person, or had a child who has become nothing but a problem, or you have great children, but they have married the wrong person, or have a string of their own problems. Perhaps you have fallen ill in life with a massive health scare that took you totally unawares, or perhaps a freak accident took your limbs away. The potential situations never end. But….that’s life. No one ever gets to the end of their life unscathed, now that’s a fact.

This can all make us feel life is pointless, right? Not necessarily.

Problems are just an asset, waiting to be tapped.

Following covid, after our business completely collapsed, I spent two years trying to piece the whole thing back together. It seemed like mountain, after mountain after mountain of issues to be resolved. For every hill I climbed, when I reached the top, I discovered on the other side yet another mountain I had to climb, and when I reached that one yet another to climb. At one point I was so exhausted I just didn’t think I could carry on, I never knew that there were so many issues to deal with. I shared this with a friend, claiming I was so exhausted from all the climbing that I didn’t know what this was making me good at. She replied very aptly, ‘you’re just going to be a great mountaineer!”.  She was right.

In business, it turned out that great mountaineers become great business people, because when you are down and out and have your back up against the wall and feel you can’t go on, you find another source of energy in you, simply because you have to….then eventually you become all the things you dreamed of before, to be resilient, persistent and most of all (and most unexpectedly), ruthless.

Nobody wants to be a horrible person to others just for the sake of it, nobody wants to be a thief or a murderer just for the fun of it. But everyone wants to have that balance of being a survivor and yet being a lover.

The key to a successful life is to survive the traumas, move forward and build a bigger better future for yourself. It doesn’t matter what you have ahead of you, if you have survived up to now, you will have a good chance of getting even more in the future.

Never stop climbing mountains, and if you have no mountains, just keep going to the gym of life and working out…it will all add up to something good.

Surviving life and getting away with it is all about making your life into something you are proud of, be it that you do have a few years lost in the jungle in the process. Don’t worry, you will get out, and that lovely meadow with the green grass and sunshine will be there for you once you are done.

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