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July 4, 2023

Funnily enough, extensive research has shown that the act of doing something has everything to do with actually doing something. Go figure.

One of the biggest issues in our drive to success is that we are often motivated by the ‘talk’ of doing something. There’s nothing wrong with that, but evidence has shown also that the talk is only valid when it’s followed by the walk.

How many people do you hear who love discussing their dreams and what they are going to do next, and what they are anticipating will happen to them from there, but they are waiting for that…opportunity to come along, or just got to get that ‘other’ thing done first, or get that investor to partner with to open that business. Sometimes it makes perfect sense. E.g. would love to have some children, but you need to get the girl first. Fair enough.

But, in fact goals are only a signpost to a direction. Every step you take to move in that direction, is considered a step towards reaching not just your goal, but all potential directions that can come out of that goal. To be able to understand the signpost, even if you have a telescopic lens in your binoculars, means you will need to walk up to at least a reasonable distance from it, to see if it says exactly what you have been working on all this time. Therefore, some action is needed.

Once you have got there, of course the next thing to cross your mind is ‘Oh okay, I’ve reached that goal now what?’ And of course, to reach your goal, let’s say it was to get a Masters Degree in Law, is of course to ask yourself ‘so what am I going to ‘do’ with this degree now? Unless you are a chronic academic who only loves words and ideas (which in itself is still something), your biological drive will tell you that you will have to do something with this degree you have just achieved, and that this action you take will be that thing that will make that degree actually worth something… to speak.

Real goals breed action. They drive you to want to get to the destination, because after you arrive at the destination, there is so much more fun to be had after that building new goals.

Oh and what can also happen, is that as you get closer to your goal, you may realise that isn’t actually what you really wanted in the first place, your process of moving towards your goal has shown you even more exciting directions you could be taking.

But everything comes down to the act of doing. Everyone loves being around someone who gets things done. Be one of those people, and you’ll be surprised just how far you get….Go figure.

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