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June 20, 2023

Many of you are thinking right now, how wonderful it is going to be when you’re financially stable, have the house and car of your dreams and the loving partner or family you have always wanted. Life will be so easy and amazing, everyone will look at you and say ‘there goes a truly successful person!’.

This is a typical dream. But in reality, though the first question to ask yourself might be – ‘where would I like to be in 10 years time?’… it is the second question that is the most important one – ‘okay how am I going to get there?’

Well, I’m going to let you into a little secret trick here.

Let’s take one example, one of your dreams is to make a lot of money. Fair enough. So, take these actions in order and you will discover where you are really capable of ending up. You’ll be shocked.

Action No. 1:        The first action is extremely important, which is that you need to put this into a measurable amount. (Because how will you know if you have reached that if you don’t have a measuring stick to square it up to?) If you come up with $1,000,000 a year. That’s good.

Action No.2:         Then ask yourself, do I think I can make this amount of money in 10 years time if I put a lot of work in, make the right moves to build collaborations, think strategically, etc. If you can say ‘YES’ to that, then you need to take action No. 3.

Action No. 3:        Now add another zero to that amount, (so now $1,000,000 has now become $10,000,000). This is the true amount you can expect to make in 10 years time.

Action No. 4:         Ask yourself, what actions can I put into place right now today, to set this ball rolling? (Remember you do have 10 years and 10 years is a long time, but then you have a huge goal to reach, so you better start today!)

Now I hear you saying, yes but what if money is not my goal, what if I am looking for the partner of my dreams, can do the same kind of thing? Yes you can, but you must start by making it measurable. Start with the qualities you are looking for:

  • what are they going to look like?
  • do they need a sense of humour?
  • how important is kindness in them?
  • Is it okay if they are already divorced?
  • what kind of job might they be doing right now?
  • where might they be right now?
  • am I okay if they have their own children already?
  • ….and so on

Now you are asking, how can I ‘add the zero on the end’? Well of course you can’t do that to a human being, so you need to look at it in another way. You will still need the factor of 10 quotient, but it will be more in the line of ‘how much am I prepared to do or spend on myself to get myself closer to reaching this person?’. As though we may want the person of our dreams, we need to ask also….are we the person of their dreams?  Make sure you are doing your part here too, and this can be measurable….and usually this might cost money or time.

Make this list of actions you are prepared to take to get closer to this person, and….THEN,  you need to factor it by 10. If you need to take 10 actions, it becomes 100. If you want to spend $1000 on yourself to spruce yourself up, make it $10,000….and so on. This will show you just how much you are prepared to do to meet and match the right person to you and you to them.  Once you have these in place, then you have your action plan already there.

Yes, I can hear you laughing from here. It seems ridiculous, but the truth is that you will have no idea about what the future really holds for you. There will be many ups and downs in your journey, and though some of them may seem to defeat you, there will be a lot more of them that will catapult you even further than you expected.

So, my belief is this, never short-change yourself, you are so much more capable to exceed your dreams than you could have ever thought.

Try this out, and get back to me in 10 years time!

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