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June 20, 2023

“From the ashes, a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring…” — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Thanks Tolkien, the grandiose fire and brimstone of the Phoenix rising is inspiring, but how often this is said …on reflection when the problem has been overcome, or in humour when all seems impossible.

We need inspiration in difficult times, but if we were to truly reflect on how we move forward on something, the rise in itself is never in a straight line.

Starting with the fire, which by the way is extremely hot if you have never been in there, has a blinding element that will seem like nothing can be done not just for now but forever. Making this first shift is the challenge. Like the first step forward in the dance. Taking that first blind step into the abyss is both terrifying and yet mesmerising – why? It’s because … she’s ALIVE!!

The second step always feels like it should be poetic – like a ballet, but the second step will only come from the success of the first one. Good you are still standing, you didn’t fall over, time to move to the next one. The next one should be more of a balancing act. Hopefully a gust of wind won’t bowl you over so you stumble and have to get up again…but if it does, it does.  Oh and by the way, the fire…it’s still really hot.

Your third step has now intention. It’s all based on the success of those first ones, which were pretty much a stab in the dark from the unknown, it has to be said.

The fourth step has intention also, but now we can expect some kind of direction. You aren’t fumbling anymore, but don’t assume too much confidence, it’s still a new path you are forming full of dragons and saints. Know this.

The heart is involved now. Step five takes you to another place. A place where at least something seems possible. This is where you may raise your arms and try to fly. Give it a go. You may fall. That’s all part of learning to walk.

The power of the rise in those first 5 steps is the new journey. The new surroundings. A lot will be needed to conquer those enemies both along your path and within you. Take each step and congratulate yourself for getting to the next point. And consolidate that focus in thinking. This is your most valuable sword against the odds.

There will be islands of safety. Hold onto the pole there and take a breath. You’ll be okay.

The distance of the fire is now clear. There is still a warmth in the air, but it is bearable.

This is the true art of the rise.

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