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June 20, 2023

I love that saying that on our deathbed, no one says “I should’ve spent more time in the office’, but today I’m going to challenge this.

What this infers is that we shouldn’t spend our life being a slave to the almighty dollar, pushing ourselves to work unthinkable hours at the office and losing all our connections with our friends and family. But this to me is a very negative perspective on what really happens in life.

Extensive research has shown that the people who are the happiest people in the world are those who have taken time to build the best relationships they can. Now we’re talking. But wait….there’s more!

What if those lengthy hours at the office were in fact all about building positive, supportive connections, whether that be personal or professional, in order to build our dreams to make the world a better place? What if the office was in fact where all our friends and ‘family’ were? What if the office was where the ‘magic’ happened that gave our life purpose, meaning and credibility?

I can already hear you saying, yes but 85% of people who work in an office hate their jobs and have already disconnected. Well my answer is, leave! What are you… man or mouse?! Look for something else that you think will be much more rewarding. However, I think the key note here, is not to look necessarily for that ‘job title’ you’ve been seeking, but to look for that line of work you’d like to pursue in a workplace you admire.

And of course, why do you admire it?  Maybe because the company is very successful yes, but it could be more to do with not just the success of the product or service, but how the company makes the employee feels. When an employee feels very supported, valued and appreciated, the likelihood of the success of the company becomes more possible.

So, to undervalue ‘work’ as part of the happiness quotient is both naive and misleading. Most of us spend 8 or more hours a day in this place. The work place takes up more our daily life than often our own friends and family, so we owe it to ourselves to build positive relationships there. And the only place to start with this is yourself. Either you make the effort to build these relationships or leave and find a place where you can.

At the same time, to disregard the workplace as a place of value, and to promote our ‘social life’ as the only place we can get any happiness is also not only unworkable but completely unrealistic and shallow. We will always need money to survive, there’s no question on that, but how about we look at this whole thing differently so we can get both the money we need and the social connection we crave?

So, let’s not undervalue the workplace here. We have only one shot to build a worthy life. Let’s include it all, but in a much more socially desirable way.

I think on my deathbed I’d like to say “I’m glad I spent my life building relationships both in the office or out”.

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