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June 20, 2023

Like any kind of blockage, if you can clear the first few parts of the opening, the rest will be an avalanche of clearage. This tells us that the first part of any problem is always the hardest to overcome.

Comparing this to the commencement of any change in any situation asks the same thing – what are the first words that will open that first door – if you can say these first few words in the sentence you may be amazed at what may naturally follow afterwards.

When we learn a language, in fact we may think we want to just learn a word, but actually we need to use something called ‘chunking’. Chunking is a learning method which tells the learner to learn not just single words one at a time but in groups. e.g. How are you?  Where are you from? What’s your name? etc. What this does for the language learner, is propel them into a discussion, to get them places where they can use even more language. A single word won’t be enough, it needs to be a phrase to get things going.

The same thing goes for starting anything new. Just say the words in ‘chunks’.  E.g. I want to….., Where is the…..? How do I….? Should I….?  Whatever it is, say them loud enough for someone to hear. No need to shout it out, no need to get into a lengthy discussion on it with someone, just say the words audibly enough for someone sitting next to you to hear. I say this because this is a very important position to be in, because to get these words out into the world is like setting them free so that they can act like soldiers, who will be seeking and finding those others around you who will help you get yourself to where you need to be. Why is this? Because these words not only carry the question or statement, they also carry your voice. And it is your voice that speaks to people, not just the words. And nobody reaches their peak without help from others!

When we speak aloud in groups of words and phrases, we underestimate the power of them as our warriors in our world. What they will do for you is immeasurable.

But be aware also, that you need to be ready too. Your servicemen will return, often with good news but sometimes with bad. That’s what soldiers do they only follow orders. Know this and be ready to send out your next words and phrases. But know you will later need to understand the subtle art of curating your responses to make sure nobody mutinies on you. And how do you do that? If you are always coming from a point of kindness and gratitude, for sure your small pack of soldiers will soon grow to a battalion or even a fully-fledged army.

So, just say the words….and let the crusade begin.

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