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June 20, 2023

Not just right now, but throughout our live, we are confronted with problems, However, the most common phrase we do hear is ….just ‘hang in there’.   ….but usually this is said by people who haven’t really experienced things from your point of view. It isn’t just about patience and waiting for things to change. We are human beings who are dynamic and need something to somehow move us forward.

No person should be ‘waiting’ for things to change. We all know that we should be innovative. But this is a lovely word that holds a massive amount of energy time and creativity, not to mention determination. It is possible yes, but the biggest problem is where do we start?

So let’s look at what ‘hang in there’ really means, whatever your problem is. It means these things:

  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Negotiate with your landlord
  • Negotiate with your staff
  • Negotiate with your parents/children/friends
  • Find a way to pay your own personal bills e.g. do small jobs that will help pay your way a little
  • Get into hard core budgeting
  • Make sure everyone in the team/family/workplace is on the same page as you
  • Be understanding that others are in need too
  • Celebrate small victories
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Take one day at a time
  • Know deep down that things will shift and if you are doing the 11 points above, they will most likely shift for the better.

The biggest fallacy about the phrase ‘hang in there’ is that it’s all about patience, the reality is that human beings by their very nature are born to hang in there, the only way they will stop is when our heart stops beating. To close down yourself is an extremely difficult thing to do when you already owe money, have to meet commitments, have promises to fulfil, have to confront people, or even have to confront yourself…you need to constantly think of generating money and ‘doing whatever you can no matter how big or small it is’ is the main way you can do it, and when you generate money, a lot more than money will come.  New opportunities, new horizons, new learning and new directions will appear. The more you do the more you will do. And so …ah-hah…now you have your innovation. It happened while you were busy trying to survive.

‘Hang in there’ is a very loose term that has a lot of strings attached. Understand that the whole process of hanging in there, is the pivot point for all your innovative future successes. Let others do their bit to hang there too. We are all in this together. Learning is more than a university or an online course. It has to come from an urgency and an appreciation of the experience it brings.

Great education comes from persistence and a determination to survive….so yes….hang in there.

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