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June 20, 2023

Remember the days when people worked in cubicles in offices, learned in rows or individual desks away from each other? This was because bosses and teachers always thought that having people around you was a distraction. Little did they know how wrong they were.

A workroom today should be ‘collaboration’ based. This doesn’t start just with the boss saying – okay everyone get into groups, it starts with the furniture! 

Tables of at least 4 people or more should be used, plus a rotation of working environments also should be a regular thing. This way people are in fact ‘utilising’ their distractions in order to create bigger and better things.

One of the main reasons why people don’t like to work in groups or in open spaces is that they are shy……seriously, that is the truth. They are frightened that they will not be heard, that someone will boss them around and most importantly that someone may put down their idea as being stupid and dumb.   It’s all about self esteem. If you look at those who love to work in groups, it’s not just the lazy ones who would like the others to do the work, it is the ones who have far more developed social skills, are self confident, and are often open to learning new things through a variety of means.

Other studies have also shown that it is also the ambitious ones who do not want to work in groups, mainly because they will be driven by one single motivation, and want to reach that goal faster than anyone else. It is definitely true sometimes that if you want to get a job done, you may as well do it yourself because the amount of time it takes to bring onboard someone and train them to do that job will take 5x longer than if you just did it yourself. However, the ambitious person is forgetting one important thing. It is true that to motivate and train a team member takes time, but once your idea gets bigger and runs for longer, you‘re going to need that person more than ever. Learning to delegate is the hardest thing an ambitious person has to learn. So, in turn, the first thing the ambitious person should learn to do, is how to work with a team and delegate. This allows the idea to expand and grow ten times more than it was originally planned to be.

Innovation comes from team work not from just one individual creating something in their garage. For a starting point the idea needs to be formed, but it will only need to be a vision. It will be the team who creates the entire final product, and take the ambitious leader to other areas they may not have thought of.

Team work and collaboration is the technical side of problems solving and discovery. Without teams there would be no project development, quality control and delivery to the world. Teams develop ideas, from a germ from the visionary right through to the fully-moulded final product. Therefore, it is the group that needs to embrace the new concept through their complete dedication to the bolts, strings and intricacies of the machine of learning to make it into anything at all.

Collaboration is the key. Don’t be afraid to mix up the workspace, shuffle people around a bit, this will help to build the team or the partnerships. This is the only way you get anything off the ground.

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